Important information

1: Required documents for rent: Population Paper, Driver's License (must be at least 1 year old), and a credit card. 
2: Rented vehicle is included in VAT. Exemption fee available (3000 YTL) There is a daily km limit (300 km). You will have to reimburse an extra fee if you exceed the mileage limit per day.

3: ATVs and Motors are uncovered by insurance.

4: Rented vehicle fee does not include fuel, extra glass/tire and second driver's license. 
5: It is strictly forbidden to use the rented vehicle while drunk alcohol. In case of any accident, the RENT A CAR insurance contract you have signed is canceled and you are responsible for all the damage caused.
6: The whole time you rent a car, it is registered by the GPS data system. Report the penalties at the time of renting and let us know about the payments you have made. Contrastingly, the penalty will be charged by adding 15% at the top of the office fee. 
7: Specify the purpose and area in which you will operate the vehicle in the period you are renting.
8: In renting lease contracts, other people can not use the details of the driver's license information and the names. Otherwise, the insurance will not make a payment.